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I am trying to build the code given as TODO example in spine framework. I have installed coffescript using npm, and cake builder is included to it.

When I navigate to Cakefile dir, and execute cake build I get the following error:

src/local.coffee:1:1: error: the variable "Spine" can't be assigned with ?= because it has not been declared before Spine ?= require('spine') ^^^^^

The cake file im trying to run is the default coming with the example, and is in the same dir as the git copy https://github.com/maccman/spine.todos .

I did search online but could not find reports of this issue, or how I can solve it. This error has appeared on other cases (https://github.com/maccman/spine.contacts/pull/14) but solution cannot be applied to TODO example.

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This example was written with an older version of coffeescript.
The behaviour of ?= has changed since then. See this issue for more details.

Commenting out this line (the first one in src/local.coffee) seems to get it working again.

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