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I use Tomcat 6.0.20 and JDK

How can I load libraries from sub-folders of "%TOMCAT_HOME%/lib/" without taking the .jars out of sub-folders and putting them straight into "%TOMCAT_HOME%/lib/"?

The reason I want to do this, is because many apps are going to be sharing lots of libraries.

So, for the sakes of organization I want to store them into folders as such:

How would I go about this? And please provide an example. Do I use setclasspath.bat, or something completely different? Thanks in advance.

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Define those paths in shared.loader property of /conf/ file.


shared.loader = ${catalina.home}/lib/novell/*.jar, ${catalina.home}/lib/mail/*.jar, ${catalina.home}/lib/upload/*.jar

[Edit] optionally you can also use the common.loader property for this. See what has your preference.

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