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I was on my iPhone and I got an alert from tap tap revenge. I noticed that the text was "slide to get it now!"unlock image Was this always apart of the SDK and how could program my app so that when a notification came up then it would have custom text?

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I dont know about push notifications, but local notifications have a property for this. alertAction, just change that string and it will change it. So if you write notification. alertAction = @"receive";, then the slider will say "slide to receive", or if its a alert on the device, the button to open your app will say "receive".

See the UILocalNotification class reference.

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Cool! Thanks!!! –  user2420649 May 25 '13 at 18:55
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For push notifications:

I'm can't try it right now but try to use this:

“alert” : { “action-loc-key” : “your text”, “body” : “your text” }

Refer to this link

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