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I have a web application which users log into. I want the users to be able to add friends (in a social network style). However, I'm not sure how to go about this using play. When I go to the view, a null pointer exception is thrown.

Here's what I've tried

public class User extends Model {

    public String username;
    public String password;

    public List<User> friends = new ArrayList<User>();

    public static Finder<String, User> find = new Finder<String, User>(String.class, User.class);

    public User(String username, String password){
        this.username = username;
        this.password = password;

    public void addFriend(User friend){

    public static void befriend(String user1, String user2){


And here is the view:

@(friends: List[User])

<div id="current_friends">
    @for(friend <- friends) {  <!--This is the line the error is thrown at-->

To try and test this out, when the application start I create two users and befriend them.

public class Global extends GlobalSettings {
    public void onStart(Application app){
        // Check if the database is empty
            User conor = new User("Conor", "secret");
            User jerry = new User("Jerry", "secret");

            User.befriend("Conor", "Jerry");


Here is how the controller calls the view:

return ok(index.render(User.find.byId(request().username()).friends));

So my question is, why is my ArrayList always null when it is initialised when it is declared?

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You are trying to store a List in the Database, which is not supported by Play. Have a look: @ElementCollection not supported

It is possible when you want to use "plain" JPA and not the ebean from Play

List<String> stuff;

But it is not possible to Store complex Objects, like your "friend" Object as a list of friends in the Database. This is where you need Associations In this case probably ManyToMany will be the right Keyword to search for. Play Example @ManyToMany

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