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I'm trying to install the Ruby gem sanitize. I've already installed nokogiri:

>gem list nokogiri

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

nokogiri (1.4.0)

but when I try and install sanitize I get the following error:

>gem install rgrove-sanitize
ERROR:  Error installing rgrove-sanitize:
rgrove-sanitize requires nokogiri (~> 1.3.3, runtime)
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rgrove-sanitize uses the pessimistic operator, which, in this case, means you need a Nokogiri version of 1.3.3 or greater, but less than 1.4 (which is what you have). You need to install the correct version of Nokogiri:

>gem install --version "~> 1.3.3" nokogiri
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Thanks for the quick reply. –  Mike Sutton Nov 4 '09 at 18:57
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