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I'm new to rails development. This is my first app. And I've been struggling through it. Anyhow this is my issue. My modelname is PostIt and my controller is post_it_controller.rb

class PostItController < ApplicationController

def create
 @user = User.find(params[:id])
 @posts = Postit.create(params[:content])
 @posts.receiver_id = params[:content][:receiver_id]
 @posts.sender_id = current_user.id

and in my views I have this in create.html.erb

<%= form_for(@posts) do |f| %>  
<%= f.hidden_field :receiver_id, :value => @user %>  
<%= f.label :content %>  
<%= f.text_area :content, :class => 'inputbox' %>  
<%= f.submit "Submit", :class => 'btn right' %>
<% end %>

the error I keep getting is undefined method `model_name' for NilClass:Class

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There are a few things in your code that break convention.

  1. The create action is normally called when you submit the form with a POST request.
  2. Your form should be rendered in a new.html.erb or edit.html.erb.
  3. Your controllers should be named with the plural form. i.e. PostItsController.

With that said, I think the error is due to @posts being nil. This may be because @posts is being assigned in the wrong controller action, hence not being assigned at all by the time the response renders the form.

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the controller actually is called PostsIts -- was just a typo typing it here since I was typing this up from a different device. But yeah, I'll definitely put it in the new action, but I don't really see how @posts is being assigned in the wrong controller action--it's under create and the form is on _create.html.erb. –  VPNTIME May 25 '13 at 21:21
@posts (or more correctly @post) should be assigned in the action that renders the form. _create.html.erb is not any part of the convention other than being a partial due to the leading underscore. In which case this is rendered with <%= render 'posts/create' %> somewhere in your template. If you will assign this variable in a new action, the form should be in posts/new.html.erb or at least render the partial that contains the form within posts/new.html.erb. –  amesee May 25 '13 at 21:53

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