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So, I have some Python 3.3 code that I need to make an .exe from on Windows. I discovered the only way to do it is using cx_Freeze. But, I haven't even got further than installation. This question describes my problem perfectly (except I run Python 3.3), and has not been answered yet:

installing/using cx_freeze

When I try to run "python build" from cmd I get:

"importerror: no module named cx_freeze" 

I can't get past this step, and have searched for a solution for an hour unsuccessfully.

In case it's relevant Python is installed at C:\Python33. Both Python and cx_Freeze I installed are 64-bit versions. Version of cx_Freeze I installed was: I tried reinstalling. When I do "import cx_Freeze" in IDLE, it doesn't show any errors.

Please also note I'm a programming beginner.

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Answer to the question is in my other answer. Make sure you read it first as this one expands on it.

Ok, so after a few more hours of pain I got my game to run as an .exe on computers of people who don't have Python installed, which was my goal! I was using Pygame to make the game if anyone needs to know.

So, here's shortly what I did after the step in the other answer I gave:

This is the I used:

from cx_Freeze import setup, Executable

includefiles = ['add_all_your_files_here, example.png, example.mp3']
includes = []
excludes = []
packages = []

    name = 'yourgame',
    version = '1.0.0',
    description = '',
    author = 'John Doe',
    author_email = '',
    options = {'build_exe': {'excludes':excludes,'packages':packages,'include_files':includefiles}}, 
    executables = [Executable('')]

Note that I couldn't figure (and didn't want to bother) about how to include files from other folders, so I put them all together where the was. I tried putting the relative path, but seems like I should've put the absolute.

To notice what files were missing I had to run the exe from cmd so when it would crash I could read what was the error. This wasn't possible to do when I opened the .exe from Windows because the window would close too fast.

Other than files that my code required, it also wanted some other .py files. Namely:

I copied them from python (c:\Python33\Lib) to my game folder.

The .exe was then able to run my game without problems on my and another computer that doesn't have python installed (no font problems for example, as I heard some people have).

I've spent 9 hours in two days to figure all this out. Hope it helps other beginners.

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You can get around the problem with the console closing really quickly if you tell it to use the Win32GUI base - see the example here. – Thomas K May 26 '13 at 16:10
The need for the re & sre files is a bug in cx_Freeze - it should be fixed for the next release. Kudos for persevering with your problem! – Thomas K May 26 '13 at 16:11
Ah, late but thanks for that info! – Slobodan Stevic Jul 3 '13 at 18:15
YOU, SIR, ARE THE BIGGEST GENIUS EVER. i've been looking all day for literally about 2 weeks for a solution to my problem, i wasn't able to use cx_freeze with modules, but you helped, lucky i found this site, i voted up this answer. :) – Infamouslyuseless Sep 16 '13 at 17:33

I found the solution to this problem and answered to the older question:

installing/using cx_freeze

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