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I am having some issue with looping in JQuery, which I have never done before! What I want to do is add an '.activelink' class to a menu <li> tag when the user is on that selected page.

$(document).ready(function () {

  var Header = $('#PageTitle').html();
  var Menu  

   $('li').each(function (i) {
        //alert (i++); 
      Menu = $("#' . i .'").html();
      alert (Menu);
      if (Menu == Header) {
          alert (i++);
}); //End of Doc Ready!

This is what I am currently working with! I know that 'Menu' does not work. I did have it just set to 'Menu = $("#i").html();' But I think this is not adding the id number to the selector but making JQuery try to target 'i' has the ID!

So How do I get the number count inside the selector?

Many Thanks


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$("#' . i .'").html(); should be $("#" + i).html(); –  null May 25 '13 at 21:36

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You have got your quotes muddled up in your selector;

Menu = $("#" + i).html();

Also, . is the PHP concatenation operator. JavaScript just uses +.

Same again in your if;

if (Menu == Header) {
      alert (i++);
      $('#' + i).addClass("ActiveLink");

Note how it doesn't matter whether you use ' or ", as long as the opening and closing ones match.

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Many Thanks - I give this ago! Yes I am more PHP / CakePHP backend coder than front end. I know there must be a way of doing that I wanted by adding the 'i' has a count not as the selector! Thanks Glenn. –  Glenn Curtis May 25 '13 at 21:39

Wrong operator . it should be +

 Menu = $("#" + i).html();

Change this too -

$("#" + i).addClass("ActiveLink");
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