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I have a sql statement which I want to move it into hibernate criteria, but I am not clue how to do this.

The problem is one of the WHERE clause which looks like the following

...(skip other parts)... ? ILIKE strprefix||'%' ...(continue)

strprefix is the column name, the ? is the place i need to fill in the value.

With criteria, I can use

criteria.add(Expression.ilike(propertyName, value));

but in this case, how can i do this.

Thanks in advance!

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You can likely handle this with Restrictions.sqlRestriction(String sql).

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You can't do this in Criteria, columns are set since they represent the properties in your domain object. You need to query against the property not the other way around.

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The closest you can get is .add(Restrictions.eqProperty("propertyName","otherPropertyName") which will not do what you want –  non sequitor Nov 4 '09 at 19:47
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