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I have a form_tag to make an ajax call to my search method which returns json.

= form_tag '/search',:remote => true,id: 'form', method: :post do
  = hidden_field_tag '_method,', :put 
    = text_field_tag :location, nil, placeholder: "San Francisco, CA"
    = submit_tag "Search", :class=>"btn btn-primary"

Here is the final statement in my controller action:

def search
  #irrelevant code 
  render json: stripped_events.to_json

I have setup the following listener so that I can take the returned json and manipulate it.

$('#form').bind('ajax:success', function(xhr, data, status){

I know my javascript is loading because I see "LOAD" printed on console. I have also tried following the discussion, rails3 rails.js and jquery catching success and failure of ajax requests, but had no success.

Any advice?

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Instead of returning JSON to the browser, you could respond with JavaScript instead:

def search
    #irrelevant code
    @stripped_events = ...

    respond_to do |format|

And then create a view template called search.js.erb in app/views/controller_name. This file is ERB-evaluated JavaScript, so you can use Ruby in it just like an HTML ERB template. The JavaScript in this file will be executed in the context of the browser.

<% for stripped_event in @stripped_events %>
// use JavaScript / jQuery to manipulate the DOM
<% end %>
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