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I am using JPanel to simulate squares. The idea is to put a sort of filter in front of a JPanel.

The first JPanel contains an ImageIcon and a background color. A second JPanel containing a background color with transparency is put inside the first one.

I did it, but i have a problem : a margin is appearing in the top where the second JPanel doesn't cover the first one.

EDIT : code class JPanelImage extends JPanel

private ImageIcon imageIcon = null;
public void paintComponent(Graphics g)
    if(imageIcon != null)
        Image image = imageIcon.getImage(); 

        int height = 30;
        int width = 18;

        int marginLeft = (this.getWidth()-width) / 2;
        int marginTop = (this.getHeight()-height) / 2;

        g.drawImage(image, marginLeft, marginTop, width, height, this);
public void addColoredLayout(Color color) {
    JPanelImage upperLayout = new JPanelImage();



I also have a Window class (extending JFrame) that create a JPanel and apply the addColoredLayout method.

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This could be a layout issue or border issue. Show us an example so we can determine which – MadProgrammer May 25 '13 at 23:49
I'm just learning Java right now, so i don't really know the concept of layouts. Therefore it's probably a border issue... – Nono May 26 '13 at 12:13

We have a gridBagLayout on the mainJPanel (which is the frame contentPane) and we had JPanelImage (a JPanel with a image on it) to mainJPanel.When we try to add a JPanel to these JPanelImage, we have the problem he told you.

gridBagLayout.preferredLayoutSize(this.getContentPane()); // this.getContentPane() = mainJPanel 
GridBagConstraints gridBagConstraints;
gridBagConstraints.gridy = i;
gridBagConstraints.gridx = j;
gridBagConstraints.insets = new Insets(0, 0, marginBot, marginRight);
gridBagConstraints.ipadx = 0;
gridBagConstraints.ipady = 0;
mainJPanel.add(tmpJPanelImage, gridBagConstraints);

EDIT : I just found the solution :

((FlowLayout) this.getLayout()).setVgap(0);

Thank you MadProgrammer for the hint.

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