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In the Meteor docs under Deps.Dependency.hasDependents, it says this:

For reactive data sources that create many internal Dependencies, this function is useful to determine whether a particular Dependency is still tracking any dependency relationships or if it can be cleaned up to save memory.

Can someone please provide an example of using dependency.hasDependents() to clean up memory?


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You need to get a good understanding on dependencies at all, so I recommend you to take close look on this tutorial made by Chris Mather:

In the simple following example you can ensure if the value is used somewhere in dependency (client code).

var title = 'My Headline';
var titleDeps = new Deps.Dependency;

var setTitle = function(s) {
  title = s;

Template.HelloWorld.getTitle = function() {
  return title;

So use {{getTitle}} somewhere in your Template and you got an dependency from the function Template.HelloWorld.getTitle to the var titleDeps.

So e.g. will print true

Template.HelloWorld.rendered = function() {

By removing Deps.depend(titleDeps); from Template.HelloWorld.getTitle you will see false.

In use case you could check against a db collection that was subscribed or something like that, so that you can unset the data to free up the cache.

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