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In my .vimrc, there is this line:

map <F4> :w<cr>:!python %<cr>

When I edit a python file using vim /home/debian/rd.py and press F4 after the file was written, I get this error:

/bin/bash: /home/debian/rd.py: Permission denied
shell returned 126
Press ENTER or type command to continue
1 gphoto2  --get-all-files
1     0x670x700x680x6f0x740x6f0x320xc20xa00x200x2d0x2d0x670x650x740x2d0x610x6c0x6c0x2d0x660x690x6c0x650x730xa
2 gphoto2  --get-all-files
2 0x670x700x680x6f0x740x6f0x320x200x200x2d0x2d0x670x650x740x2d0x610x6c0x6c0x2d0x660x690x6c0x650x730xa

Press ENTER or type command to continue

The result is right, why Permission denied and I get the result?


I often use gphoto2 --get-all-files to get the digital camera photos onto my pc, somedays the command gphoto2 --get-all-files can not run. I am confused by the phenomenon, when I erase it and input it again, it works. I pasted the two commands which look the same into a file, please download it from here and save it as \tmp\compare.txt,

Contents of file

gphoto2  --get-all-files
gphoto2  --get-all-files

When I open vim to write a small codes on python to see the reason,

The contents of rd.py

for x,line in enumerate(myfile.readlines()):
   print  x+1,line,
   for char in line:
   print x+1,str1

press F4 when I finished, I get the output, the reason is &nbsp in the command.

1      0x670x700x680x6f0x740x6f0x320xc20xa00x200x2d0x2d0x670x650x740x2d0x610x6c0x6c0x2d0x660x690x6c0x650x730xa    

2      0x670x700x680x6f0x740x6f0x320x200x200x2d0x2d0x670x650x740x2d0x610x6c0x6c0x2d0x660x690x6c0x650x730xa    

str1 is 0xa0 which the &nbsp more than str2

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do you get a permission denied when running from the terminal? are those the total contents of your script? –  perreal May 26 '13 at 4:12
Do you get this for every python script you try to run? –  ColdFusion May 26 '13 at 4:14
I'm on ColdFusion side here, there's definitely something wrong with your python as your script should not be sent to bash directly. –  deufeufeu May 26 '13 at 6:10

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Have you got permissions to write to rd.py for the existing login? I would suspect the :w fails as you do not have the write permission, but the next command !python rd.py runs, giving the result.

Try $ sudo vim /home/debian/rd.pyand save inside vim

Another possibility is that executable bit is not set on rd.py.

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I do not believe the executable bit needs to be set of rd.py. Since the program that needs to be executable is python. –  FDinoff May 26 '13 at 5:04

From the look of that error message it seems that neither Vim nor Python are responsible for that problem. Also, your python script seems to call a fourth program, gphoto2, so everything is a bit muddy at this point.

Without knowledge of the content of rd.py nobody here can really help you besides making wild speculations. I'd suggest you paste its content in your question or find a way to make it available for us.

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