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I'm thinking to build an HTTP upload server in Ruby for my project. So far, I'm looking at setting up a Rack server to run with "Rainbow!" or a sinatra server with Rack middleware. The server is required to support HTTP uploads with multipart and chunking. Is this a good choice?

I'd love to see some examples how to set up a simple HTTP upload server but I couldn't find anywhere on the 'net.

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Would need more information on your requirements to comment further. Here's an example of handling files in Sinatra: alfuken.tumblr.com/post/874428235/… –  Puhlze May 26 '13 at 5:56

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Since a file upload can take a while, an important point of uploading files in Ruby are blocking processes while a file is uploaded. You might want to look into projects that are based on EventMachine and/or Goliath to achieve non-blocking processing of HTTP requests. Some ideas here:

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