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Because I'm newer to Rails than I am SQL, I took a shortcut in order to build a fairly complicated (to me, anyways) query.

Good news: I have the query working

Bad news: I'm stuck with hackish code AND can't figure out how to drop dynamic variables into it (which should be easy if it as in Rails-friendly format).

Here's my query (broken up for ease of reading):

ActiveRecord::Base.connection.select_all( "SELECT DISTINCT ps.* FROM merchants merch, product_sales ps, users u, user_merchant_relations umr, memberships m

INNER JOIN marketing_efforts me ON = ps.marketing_effort_id

LEFT OUTER JOIN member_sales ms ON = ms.marketing_effort_id

LEFT OUTER JOIN crm_sales cs ON = cs.marketing_effort_id

WHERE ((me.start < '2013-05-26' AND me.end > '2013-05-26') OR (me.start < '2013-05-26' AND me.end IS NULL)) AND (me.num_avail IS NULL OR me.num_avail > 0) AND (me.gender IS NULL OR me.gender = u.gender OR u.gender IS NULL) AND ((u.birthdate > me.birthdate_start AND u.birthdate < me.birthdate_end) OR (u.birthdate > me.birthdate_start AND me.birthdate_end IS NULL) OR (me.birthdate_start IS NULL AND me.birthdate_end IS NULL) OR u.birthdate IS NULL) AND ((ms.member_id = m.member_id AND m.user_id = OR ms.member_id IS NULL) AND (cs.crm_tier_id = umr.crm_tier_id OR cs.crm_tier_id IS NULL) AND = 3 AND = 1")

Anywhere '2013-05-26' appears I need to drop in The and at the very end also need to accept variables.

I thought I could simply do: .S=?...Q=?....L=?...", value, value, value) but that's not working.


I'm here:

ProductSale.joins('INNER JOIN marketing_efforts ON = product_sales.marketing_effort_id').joins('LEFT OUTER JOIN member_sales ON = member_sales.marketing_effort_id').joins('LEFT OUTER JOIN crm_sales ON = crm_sales.marketing_effort_id')

So I'm taking care of all the joins, but the problem I'm running into is that, with the raw SQL, I could easily define all the tables I need to access ... e.g.:

FROM merchants merch, product_sales ps, users u, user_merchant_relations umr, memberships m

Whereas I'm not sure how to do this with Rails. As a result, I just get FROM product_sales :

ProductSale Load (0.3ms) SELECT "product_sales".* FROM "product_sales" INNER JOIN ....

So when I try to say, for example, = 1 I get:

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: SQLite3::SQLException: no such column:

Any thoughts? Thank you.

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woaw, I feel you dude :(. good luck. You may want to use .include() – Ven May 26 '13 at 13:44

Perhaps not the best way of doing it, but it works and solved the main issue (inability to pass dynamic variables):

ProductSale.find_by_sql [ " QUE=?...R=?..Y=? ", value, value, value]

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