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I am a little bit stuck on trying to fetch a Backbone Colection, I am a new to Backbone and I am sure that I've missed something simple, but do not know what.

Have some ideas?

$ ->

User = Backbone.Model.extend(
    urlRoot: "/users"
  user = new User()

  View = Backbone.View.extend(
    tagName: "li"
    el: "ul"
    id: "#users"
    template: _.template("<li>...just a code...<span class='buttons'><button class='info'>Info</button><button class='delete'>Delete</button></span></li>")
    render: -> 

view = new View(
    model: user

  Users = Backbone.Collection.extend(
    model: User
    url: "/users"
    parse: (resp, xhr) ->
      return resp.toJSON()

usersCollection = new Users() 
    success: (response) ->
      console.log 'success'
      console.log usersCollection
      console.log response
    error: (data, response) ->

My "/users/ returns this Array:


And controller (Ruby on Rails) looks like this:

  def index
    users = User.all
    render json: users, status: 200

And in console.log I have:

child {length: 1, models: Array[1], _byId: Object, constructor: function, model: function…}
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thanks. Ihad read the docs but after your answer did it again and understood that i forgot to work with (collection, response, options) –  vekozlov May 27 '13 at 9:01
Interesting, is that typescript or coffeescript? –  Jon Apr 17 at 16:25
it's all was coffeescript.) –  vekozlov Apr 20 at 18:37

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Delete your parse function as your response is the format backbone expects by default. It will properly parse the JSON and treat the array as a collection of data objects which will get converted into model instances.

So your fetch is working, but you are not properly A) including any data from your collection or models in your view (so you can't easily see whether it's working or not and B) rerendering the view with the data after it loads by binding to the collection's sync event.

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it doesn't make difference. it returns: success child {length: 1, models: Array[1], _byId: Object, constructor: function, model: function…} –  vekozlov May 26 '13 at 7:34

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