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I have a windows form which hold a web browser control, that web browser will change it's position automatically in fixed positions

So first I set the navigate to position X then I will take a capture from my form then change the position to Y and also take another capture.

My Issue is that I use the navigation to position like

webBrowser1.Navigate("javascript:window.scroll(0," + X + ");");

So I should wait tell the ui change the position then Do the capture code, after finish I should re-change the position to Y same way and wait tell the UI finish then capture.

I try to use background worker but it didn't support me as well I also try Threading but as I;m not so good dealing with Threading my ui didn't navigate before capture. I use Threading like:

ThreadStart captureFunc = new ThreadStart(CaptureScreen);
Thread captureThread = new Thread(captureFunc);
while (!doneVal)


while CaptureScreen is my capture function and doneVal is a value with default false and changed to true after capture. any help will be appreciated.

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Use synchronization-primitives such as Mutex, Events, and WaitHandles. You should never infinite-loop to create a "synchronization". –  bash.d May 26 '13 at 7:33
I'm not as well using thread but I'm reading about it now thank you :) –  AshOoO May 26 '13 at 9:07

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The WebBrowser-control offers Events, such as the Navigated-Event.
You can use this to determine the end of the navigation of the WebBrowser-control:

webBrowser1.Navigated += NavigatedEventHandler; //use in constructor for example


private void NavigatedEventHandler(object sender, NavigatedEventArgs e){

    //perform actions here

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This event occurred only when navigate the URL it self my navigation is something like execute javascript function to scroll so it won't occur when just scrolling, Thank you –  AshOoO May 26 '13 at 9:09

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