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Recently, I had to write a simple uploader (reusable) using AngularJs, while, keeping my API in separate place and finally wrote one using blueimp jQuery File Uploader and made lil customizing it. I Thought it might be great to share this and hopefully improve myself in learning in AngularJs. (I've added the answer)

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This is great, Is there a 'how do I' question that could be asked here, so that people discover it easier? – Tim Post Nov 18 '13 at 6:02

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@angTut = angular.module("angTut", ['LocalStorageModule', 'ngResource', 'uploaderComponent']);

@angTut.constant('uploadServiceUrl', '')

"use strict"
@angTut.controller('TodosUploadController', (
$scope, uploadService
) ->

$scope.uploadLayer = (e, data, process) ->
    $scope.uploadReturn = uploadService.process(e, data, process)
    $scope.uploadReturn = uploadService.initialize() 



    <div class="control-group">
      <input id="testUpload" type="file" fileupload name="files[]" uploadurl="uploadReturn.uploadurl" done="uploadLayer(e, data, 'done')" fail="uploadLayer(e, data, 'fail')" progress="uploadLayer(e, data, 'progress')">
       <div class="well" ng-show="uploadReturn.status">
        <div ng-show="!uploadReturn.error">
            <p class="label label-info">File: {{}}</p>
            <p><a href="{{uploadReturn.successData.fullUrl}}" target="_blank">View file</a></p>
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