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I have come across the following code in CodeSchools tutorial .

class Following < ActiveRecord::Base

   after_create :queue_new_follower_email,
      if: {|f| f.followed_user.receive_emails? }


I'm confused . What is the f variable and where has it come from ? Is it a reference to the current model object ? If yes, How should I have guessed it ?(Documentation/source code ?)

I'm aware of the syntax of the Proc block , but I'm confused as to where the 'f' variable has come from ?

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Rails passes the model as an argument.


class Firm < ActiveRecord::Base
  # Destroys the associated clients and people when the firm is destroyed
  before_destroy { |record| Person.destroy_all "firm_id = #{}"   }
  before_destroy { |record| Client.destroy_all "client_of = #{}" }
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