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How would I do the above?

I don't really know the correct method for doing it.

I tried the below method:

var name;
function welcome(){
    name = prompt("Welcome, what is your name?","Enter name...");
    alert("Hello " + name + ". How are you today?");
    return name;

and I want to be able to use the returned name value throughout the HTML document.

I tried putting this in the script tags:

var name = welcome();

The alert doesn't alert name. Also the method is called from a button lower in the HTML code:

<button class ="buttonlink"  onclick="'welcome()" >Function</button>

Any advice on the correct method would be good :)

Thanks in advance!

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This code has problem with namespace collision, the name defined in the external file is overwritten with the name on the html when you call var name on the HTML page. There are 2 options:

  • Quick fix: use another name for it
  • Write better code: use requireJS (Javascript module design pattern)

Actually, your code does not return a javascript varible from an external file. Your code in the html and external file are in the same namespace (global window). It's just an illusion that you return a variable from an external file

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Okay thank you. I just changed the variable name! :) –  Harley May 26 '13 at 12:57

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