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When I start ddd, it seems hang waiting for gdb. Here is the tail end of output ddd --trace:

#  Saving session in "/home/kbrandt/.ddd/sessions/106d7eb3d567f23b01125736049734486400000041300582/init"...
#  Saving session in "/home/kbrandt/.ddd/sessions/106d7eb3d567f23b01125736049734486400000041300582/init"...done.
2009.11.04 13:48:17
<- "(gdb)  "

This doesn't happen if I pick a different debugger like --perl. I read about adding set prompt (gdb) to ~/.gdbinit (space at end), but that doesn't fix it. gdb starts fine on its own. Anyone know what this might be?

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Also tried removing ~/.ddd recursively –  Kyle Brandt Nov 4 '09 at 18:54
Seems to be limited it to my account on the machine –  Kyle Brandt Nov 4 '09 at 19:35

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I had the following in my inputrc, removing it fixed it:

\C-j": "|less\C-m


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remove ~/.ddd by using command

sudo rm -rf ~/.ddd

it worked fine in my case

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