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I am unable to delete a record from the the table using ADO.Net Entity Framework.
Debugging lets me go through the method without any errors.

Cust_DataModel.Cust_DataEntities db = new Cust_DataModel.Cust_DataEntities();

protected void DeleteButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
  if (lvCust.SelectedIndex >= 0)
        int custId = Convert.ToInt32(lvCust.SelectedDataKey.Value.ToString());
        var cust = db.Cust.FirstOrDefault(d => d.CustId == custId );

            int co = db. Cust.Count();
            db.AttachTo("Cust", cust);

            int co2 = db. Cust.Count();
            int co1 = db. Cust.Count();
        catch (Exception ex)

        lblMessage.Text = "cust was deleted.";
        lblMessage.Text = "No cust was selected.";

I am able to list the items from the table into a ListView.

private void BindCust()
  var custs = from cust in db.Cust where cust.UserId == userId orderby cust.Created descending select cust;

            lvCust.DataSource = custs;
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looks like cust already attached since you get it from db just before deleting... isn't it? – Trickster Nov 4 '09 at 19:33
Even if I remove the attach statement it doesn't work. – Picflight Nov 4 '09 at 21:32

I am not sure, but don't you need to save changes after attaching an item before deleting it?

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