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Is there any plugin which logs admin activities like:

add/edit page, post (post/page url)
un/install plugin
add/edit user/profile

with datetime when these atcivities performed & IP as well.

I googled but no one fullfil all requirements. Any help..?

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I do not know if this does the plugins but it seems to hit all your other requests. wordpress.org/plugins/threewp-activity-monitor –  Robert Lee May 26 '13 at 21:11
you should post this on wordpress.stackexchange.com, mind you it will be a invalid question anywhere you ask. you run the risk of downvotes. –  Siddharth May 27 '13 at 3:52

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Hmm.. Try this plugin to logs all your activities.

Note: This plugin will make your database swell.

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Thank you buddy –  user1777018 May 27 '13 at 6:13

There is a free plugin called Stream, which I co-authored, that does this exact thing you're looking for. It organizes activity records by author, context, action and IP address.

Also, there are purge options to prevent the database from getting too big, depending on the amount of admin activity your site has.

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