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i want to get the relationship between two specified nodes, though i hava writed a customed function for my program ,but maybe there is an official API can do this, so ,if you konw the API ,please tell me . 3Q...

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I second @Pangea for the Cypher example.

In the Java API you would do:

for (Relationship r : n1.getRelationships()) {
   if (r.getOtherNode(n1).equals(n2)) return r;

You would start from the node you know has fewer relationships. This is subject to change in Neo4j 2.1.

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think you, i like this answer. – li yangtao May 27 '13 at 1:05

Say n1 and n2 represent the given two nodes with id's 100 and 200 respectively, then the below query would return the relationship r between those two.

START n1=node(100), n2=node(200)
WITH n1-[r]-n2
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