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I am trying to perform a segmentation task with PCL/ROS. I am using the dynamic configuration option in ROS as the number of inputs to my segmentation task is large and would like to study the influence of each param. There is no problem with my c++ src code, however when i try to run the launch file my file publisher is not able to find the pcd files.


<!-- Start segmentation analysis -->
<node pkg="segmentation_analysis" name="region_growing" type="region_growing" output="screen">
    <remap from="selected_file" to="/selected_file" />

    <node pkg="file_selection" name="file_publisher" type="file_publisher" args="/home/anirudh/getbot/ros/3d_scene_analysis/segmentation_analysis">
            <param name="extension" value="pcd"/>
            <remap from="~file" to="/selected_file"/>

    <node pkg="rqt_reconfigure" name="rqt_reconfigure" type="rqt_reconfigure" >

But when i run the launch file, i am getting the following error

ERROR: cannot launch node of type [file_selection/file_publisher]: can't locate node [file_publisher] in package [file_selection]

Any help will be appreciated.

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For ROS related questions there is answers.ros.org –  D.J.Duff May 27 '13 at 6:08

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As far as I can tell, your error is not related to not finding PCD files.

It says "can't locate node [file_publisher] in package [file_selection]".

So it cannot find the program file_publisher.

So check that:

  1. The package file_selection exists.
  2. The executable file file_publisher exists inside that package.

To check the first item:

If you type:

roscd file_selection

..does the current working directory switch to the file_selection package? If that doesn't work, figure out why. If it does, try the next step:

To check the second item:

roscd file_selection
find . -executable

...and check if the output contains file_publisher.

Go from there.

Edit: Also note that for ROS related questions there is answers.ros.org

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