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Constructor inheritance feature in c++11 seems to be quite useful. I am only confused about one bit. The example below works fine, but I do not understand why do I need to specify using sysTrajectory::sysTrajectory as opposed to using sysTrajectory<Real>::sysTrajectory<Real> when inheriting from a template class? The latter gives the following error: expected ‘;’ before ‘<’ token using sysTrajectory::sysTrajectory;. Could there be any potential problems when inheriting constructors from a templated class?

class sysRealTrajectory: public sysTrajectory<Real>


        *   Default constructor
        inline sysRealTrajectory(void);

        using sysTrajectory::sysTrajectory;     

        *   Default destructor
        inline ~sysRealTrajectory(void);

Then in main :

Real a;
sysTrajectoryPoint<Real> TP0(1.0,a);
sysRealTrajectory AAA(TP0);
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This syntax

using sysTrajectory::sysTrajectory; 

Names all constructors of sysTrajectory. This syntax

using sysTrajectory::sysTrajectory<Real>;

Names only a constructors that accept a template argument <Real> (yes, you can do that, you can pass explicit template arguments to constructors in declarative contexts). Your base class does not appear to have any constructor templates, so your compiler's parser does not take sysTrajectory as a template-name and hence does not accept the < as an opening template argument list. Hence the syntax error.

For a template-name to be explicitly qualified by the template arguments, the name must be known to refer to a template.

Even if you had a constructor template, a rule for using declarations forbids that too. It says

A using-declaration shall not name a template-id.

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Thank you for the explanation. –  user1391279 May 26 '13 at 16:45

Johannes, in gcc 4.8.1 what did work for me is the following syntax:

using sysTrajectory<Real>::sysTrajectory;
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