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I want to write a document which includes a part of source code with line numbers.

Example(whitch I expected):

123.  int myFunc() {
124.      return 100;
125.  }

When I use sourcecode/code-block directive, line number is always started from 1.

Currently, I tried following methods, but these are not worked.

Is there any way to control line numbers?

A: use 'linenostart' option.

.. sourcecode:: cpp
    :linenostart: 123

    int myFunc() {
        return 100;

=> it was result in error "unknown option: lineno"

B: use literal include.

.. literalinclude:: my_func.cpp
    :language: cpp
    :lines: 123-125

=> it was result in no error, but line number is start from 1.

Thanks in advance.

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See stackoverflow.com/q/6867961/407651 –  mzjn May 27 '13 at 7:12
Thank you for your reply, I will waiting for this request to be released. –  tristar May 27 '13 at 12:00

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