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I have tried to look for an open source project to learn about language domain level compiler to generate several languages such as Java , .Net platforms.

For example, If I make my own grammars (it can be XML, XSD, or any type of grammar), after compiling it, it produces to java and .NET (c#) language files.

any suggestion I appreciate about it.

Thanks tiger

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A compiler by definition is program that takes code and produces lower-level code. Did you mean that you are looking for a language-translator, or a de-compiler?

Compiler courses often write a compiler as a project to take in C and produce assembly, usually using Yakk/Bison. To learn about compilers you might consider instead of looking for an open source project, to look for a compiler course with course materials online.

I have not tried any of these but are you looking for something like this:

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