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How do I make Intellij Idea insert a new line at every end of file, so that GitHub doesn't complain for example?

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Change your Editor settings:

Settings->Editor->Other->Ensure line feed at file end on save.
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My god why isn't this the default? –  Tim Pote Mar 16 at 1:59
Is it possible to force only one? I.e. if there is 2 or more it deletes the extra newlines? –  Pylinux Oct 25 at 11:28
I can't find this setting anymore in Idea 14, is it still possible to do this? –  mrbrdo Nov 16 at 11:24
@mrbrdo In intellij 14 it's Settings->Editor->General->Other->Ensure line feed at file end on save. –  NightRa Nov 16 at 15:43

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