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I have to write a simple web application to expose some API methods. I can also choose between xmlrpc or RESTful API.

I cant make up my mind between twisted or web2py

In my opinion twisted can be very easy to learn, but web2py can offer more comfort in the future to my team, and maybe it's more easy to mantain with bigger project (authentication and other facility already built in). With twisted my team has to write directrly SQL, with web2py i can avoid that.

With web2py i can easily scale following a tutorial, but the RESTful API are flagged as experimental in web2py tutorial, and i prefer avoid bugs or problem during the development.

What's your experience? Have you got suggestions or have you got other advices that i should take into consideration?


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Note, in web2py, only parse_as_rest and smart_query are still marked as "experimental". In any case, they have both been around for some time and are unlikely to change. If you run into any bugs, just report them and they will likely be fixed promptly. –  Anthony May 26 '13 at 18:30

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First of all, xmlrpc is an RPC protocol, while REST is a principal for writing APIs, so you can't really compare them that way. In any case, in my experience, a well-designed RESTful API that uses json is a lot easier to develop (to create but also to use), so unless you have some usecase that requires xmlrpc I'd suggest avoiding it.

I personally have no experience with web2py, but I do have some experience with Twisted. While Twisted is a very cool project, it can be a bit more daunting to wrap around it's concepts at first. Also, in my experience, developing with Twisted is slightly more cumbersome (as far as I know it has to auto-reloader for instance, but I could be wrong).

I currently maintain two REST APIs, one is written using Bottle the other uses cherrypy. Both are really easy to use and learn, I can't imagine web2py being any more difficult to learn and use then those two.

In the end it's all just a matter of preference (and experience), all of those frameworks can do the job very well. I'd suggest you go with whatever framework you (and your team) have the most experience with.

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