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Hi dear I have a little problem with a graphic in ggplot, I want to design a graphic that shows in x axis a varible that is a factor and in y axis the values of two continuous variables, to see the difference between first continuous and second variable related to the factor variable. The data frame is similar to this:

Group  Var1 Var2
1       10   20
2       15   30
3       5    10
4       20   15
5       5    5

My objective is to see the difference between var1 and var to in each member of factor. It is possible to make this in ggplot. Thanks a lot of.

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Usualy, you should reshape your data in the long format to compare between variable. For example using melt from reshape2

dat.m <- melt(dat,id.vars='Group')

Then , for example, I am plotting here a geom_bar to compare between levels. Of course you can choose another geom.


enter image description here

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Thanks a lot of, exactly I was looking for that!!! @agstudy –  Duck May 26 '13 at 19:54

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