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Basically, I have a browse button to open a file dialog and fetch the picture into a textbox and picturebox. However, I want to have a default picture that shows (like facebook default profile picture) before the user opens the file dialog. When the user opens the file dialog, chooses a picture and clicks OK, the default picture will be changed into the selected picture. If the user clicks Cancel, the default picture won't change.

My question:

  1. Where should I put the default picture? (in a folder the same path with the .SLN or anywhere else)?
  2. What should I code to show the default picture in my picture box?

Here's my following code:

private void buttonbrowse_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    OpenFileDialog ofd = new OpenFileDialog();
    ofd.Filter = "image files|*.jpg;*.png;*.gif";
    DialogResult dr = ofd.ShowDialog();

    if (dr == DialogResult.Cancel)

    pictureBoxPhoto.Image = Image.FromFile(ofd.FileName);
    textBoxPhoto.Text = ofd.FileName;

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  1. I would advise to add your picture into your project Resources:

    Visual Studio screenshot

    It will then be stored into the Resources folder of your project:

    Visual Studio screenshot

  2. You can then add it to your picturebox in your form constructor:

    public Form1() {
        pictureBox1.Image = Properties.Resources.DefaultPicture;
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