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The following does not work:

var EtxtDOB = $get('<%=FormView1.FindControl("frmEditPerson").FindControl("EtxtDOB").ClientID %>');

How can I find this nested control in javascript?

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Why not just use getElementById('<%=FormView1.FindControl("frmEditPerson").FindControl("EtxtDOB")‌​.ClientID %>');? Also, when you go view source, does <%=FormView1.FindControl("frmEditPerson").FindControl("EtxtDOB").ClientID %> returns the correct id? – David Nov 4 '09 at 21:35
when, in the lifecycle of the page, do you try to get the clientID ? are you sure all the controls are loaded ? it looks a bit wrong to me <%= replaces the stuff youve typed with the value returned from the code at runtime, this looks wrong to me. – Matt Nov 4 '09 at 23:59
check the source and see what that line is emitting, im guessing there is nothing there – Matt Nov 5 '09 at 0:00

I find it's a lot clearer code-wise to explicitly emit the IDs of the controls you want to access via Javascript in the page's code-behind. Something like:

Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock("clientIDs", "var myControlID = '" + myControl.ClientID + "';");

Then you can access this anywhere in your client-side script and it's a lot cleaner:

var ExtODB = getElementById(myControlID);

If you want to get fancy create a utility function that does this for you... or create a custom attribute that automatically does this.

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Usually you use 'getElementById' or similar from Javascript. If your control is named 'EtxtDOB' then this might work for you:


(Not sure what the $get refers to...)

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doesn't work. I believe $get and getElementById are close to the same. Although I've seen getelementID work and $get not work on occasion. I believe $get allows just server controls. i can totally be wrong though. – Eric Nov 4 '09 at 20:32
It won't work unless you replace 'EtxtDOB' with the ID of your control. If it is a dynamically generated ID then you need to use code of the form "David" provided you in the comments to your question. – user113476 Nov 4 '09 at 22:07
$get() is part of the ASP.NET AJAX js and defined as a shortcut to document.getElementById() - so you have to reference that .js file to use it, I think the ScriptManager also causes it to be included. – Jarrett Widman Nov 4 '09 at 22:29

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