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I am doing an ASP.NET MVC 4 application which is deployed into an Azure Website through a git repository. I started the project from the default template which include a SimpleMembershipAttribute.

Everything is fine when I debug the project on my computer. The database from my project and from the auth system get created and so on.

When I try to deploy the project on my Azure website some strange things happen. The table from the auth system get created but not my own tables. So it seems that my connection string is the right one.

I tried several things, looked for several hours on stackoverflow and I've found some related problems but nothing that would let me fix this issue. I did not include any file extract as I am not sure what could be relevant. Perhaps is this a timing issue, to test that I disabled the code in InitializeSimpleMembershipAttribute to no avail.

I ma not using migration right now, entity framework v5.0, all the packages are up to date and I'm desesperate.

Thanks, St├ęphane

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Are you using same connection string for your Dbcontext and for the simple membership provider? If this is the case, that might be the issue? If you are using separate connection strings, does your DB User has the permissions to CREATE database / tables? –  astaykov May 27 '13 at 6:23
I am using the same connection string. But finally I found out how to solve it : - I switched to database migrations. - I removed the SimpleMembership Attributes and moved the WebSecurity Call inside my Global.asax - I published the project using the publish function. ... and then the database was created. –  Whirly May 27 '13 at 12:49

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