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In controllers/default.py

def test(): 
    return dict(test=db().select(db.tbl_profile.name))

I have {{=test}} in test.html but it returns to me:

 Johnny Apples... 

I just want the full complete name to be displayed in the html and not the name of the table.field or the incomplete name (cut off by ...).

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db().select(db.tbl_profile.name) is a Rows object -- even if it contains only one record. If you want to extract a single Row object, you have to do:




The latter is preferable because it will simply return None if there are no records (whereas the first option will generate an exception in that case).

Once you have extracted the single Row object, you then still have to select the particular field you want to display, even if that is the only field in the Row. So, the code should be:

return dict(test=db().select(db.tbl_profile.name).first().name)
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Thank you that was a very helpful explanation. How would I get all the names in the rows object? –  user1077071 May 27 '13 at 0:23
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