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I made screen has a canvas, that got some drawings in it. I also made a function that makes a turtle and moves it. The problem is when the turtle is created, it also creates a new window in which the turtle moves. I don't want that second window. Is there a way to move a turtle and make it appear on the canvas without creating a second window?

Here's the function:

def Mueve_Carro(type):

    color = StringVar

    if tipoCarro == 1:
        type = "blue"
    elif tipoCarro == 2:
        type = "orange"
    elif tipoCarro == 3:
        type = "brown"

    ball = Turtle()
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The Turtle() class you are using will always automatically create a new canvas. You have to use RawTurtle(canvas) where that canvas variable is the screen you created outside this function (so you also need to pass it as parameter)

So basically

def Mueve_Carro(type, canvas):


    ball = RawTurtle(canvas)


Despite what the name may suggest, there are no other differences between RawTurtle and Turtle aside from the creation of the canvas.

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