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I have reviewed this several times and can't find a reason why it shouldn't work hopefully someone can reveal what I'm missing here's my prepared statement.

When performing a var_dump on $query directly after initializing the prepared statement it returns false.

$query = $link->prepare("IF (EXISTS(SELECT * FROM banned WHERE ipAddr=? OR uid=?)) THEN UPDATE banned SET isBanned='1', ipAddr=?, uid=?, bannedAt=NOW(), reason=? WHERE ipAddr=? OR uid=? ELSE INSERT INTO banned (isBanned, ipAddr, uid, bannedAt, reason) VALUES('1', ?, ?, NOW(), ?) END IF");
$query->bind_param("sisissisis", $details['IP'], $details['uid'], $details['IP'], $details['uid'], $details['reason'], $details['IP'], $details['uid'], $details['IP'], $details['uid'], $details['reason']);

Table structure

id,  uid, ipAddr, bannedAt, reason, isBanned

Note: if this is not the best way to achieve the same result then please offer a suggestion

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IF statement is not supported in prepared statements in Mysql. For full list of supported statements and more read SQL Syntax for Prepared Statements

IMHO you have several options

  1. Try using INSERT INTO ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE or REPLACE. You'll need to have correct UNIQUE index(indices) for it.
  2. Wrap you code into a stored procedure

A stored procedure might look look like

CREATE PROCEDURE sp_add_banned(IN aIP VARCHAR(15), IN aId INT, aReason VARCHAR(100))
  IF (EXISTS(SELECT * FROM banned WHERE ipAddr=aIP OR uid=aId)) THEN 
      UPDATE banned 
         SET isBanned='1', ipAddr=aIP, uid=aId, bannedAt=NOW(), reason=aReason 
       WHERE ipAddr=aIP OR uid=aId;
      INSERT INTO banned (isBanned, ipAddr, uid, bannedAt, reason) 
      VALUES('1', aIP, aId, NOW(), aReason);

Adjust data types for IN parameters as they defined in your banned table

Here is SQLFiddle demo.

And your php part will look like

$query = $link->prepare('CALL sp_add_banned(?, ?, ?)');
$query->bind_param('sis', $details['IP'], $details['uid'], $details['reason']);
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Much cleaner aswell thank you :) –  Ciaran May 27 '13 at 5:03



syntax only works in a store procedure.

You could create a Store Procedure, then called it from your code for validating and Insert or update.

For your reference: mySql If Syntax

And if you are using 'IF' function on SELECT Queries, it have a different syntax. Here is the Link

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You may use ON DUPLICATE syntax.

Here is documentation: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/insert-on-duplicate.html

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