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This is a newb question from a non-programmer:

Let's say I set up Git and Dropbox together (as in by having a local repo (in my work computer) + a bare repo in Dropbox. Supposedly I can then pull from the bare repo into other Dropbox-linked computers (e.g. my home computer).

In my understanding, a bare repo is one that does not include the actual files but only the .git files. If so, how is it possible that I can pull ALL the files (not just the .git) from the Dropbox bare repo into a local repo on my home computer? These actual files are not on the cloud, right?

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You are misunderstanding what a "bare repo" contains. It's true that it does not contain working copy files, meaning uncompressed copies of the files in your repository. However, the repository itself contains compressed copies of all files (and all historical files) in your repository. When you clone a bare repository, Git by default creates working files that are uncompressed (and a .git directory to store the local repository in).

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Thank you for your quick and to-the-point answer! – Heisenberg May 27 '13 at 2:34

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