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I am provided a LatLng that belongs to Spatial Reference GCJ-02. Of course it does not show up properly in google maps, since i beleive, correct me if i am wrong, google maps uses WGS-84.

Does the google map service v2 for android provide a way to display or transform GCJ-02 ?

Is my only option using geo tool? I do not want to bring in such huge library for just spatial transformation.

Thanks for all your help, Kev

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Around the time the question was asked, the only way to convert between GCJ-02 and WGS-84 was to use an interpolation method with coordinates based on regression from a data set of Google China and satellite imagery coordinates. There is an Objective-C library on GitHub at

However, since the question was asked, the GCJ-02 encryption code was leaked and can be found in many places online, the most popular being the EvilTransform repo.

Further reading:

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Google maps will accept 4326 but if you really want to be correct - read this post

You can use proj4 or store your data in PostGIS ( It can do the transform for you). I don't know of any library on the android client that could do this but perhaps this could the trick for you:

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