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how do i iterate over a list from end to beginning using _.each in underscore?

lister = ['a', 'c', 'd', 'w', 'e'];
_.each(_.range(lister.length, 0 ,-1), function (val,i) {
}, lister);

this prints number 5 to 1 in console. Is it a good idea to use underscore's _.each in place of tradition "for" loop?

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Just reverse the array before you iterate over it?


To answer your _.each() vs for loop question, have a look here.

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it will change the array, so it has serious drawback of just iterating in reverse order –  user2846569 Apr 18 at 9:11

@Mathijs answer helped me figure this out, here's an example

lister = ['a', 'c', 'd', 'w', 'e'];
_.each(lister.reverse(), function(val,i){
console.log(val, i)


e 0 
w 1 
d 2 
c 3 
a 4
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Underscore does not give you a way to iterate in reverse a collection, just forward. Reversing the array solves the problem as much as reversing the way the elements are put in the array does.

One possible solution for traversing in reverse is falling back to plain Javascript:

for (var i = arr.length; i-- > 0; )
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