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I am testing RESTapi with (json format) using (HTTP Request sampler) in jmeter, i am facing problems with the PUT calls for update operation, the PUT call with parameters don't work at all using (HTTP Request sampler), so now i use the post body to pass the Json. but, how can i pass the extracted values, form the previous response to next PUT request in thread group, passing the 'Regex veritable' to PUT call in Post body don't work, it don't take ${valuse} in Post body, please help me to overcome this problem, how do i carry out UPDATE operations using (HTTP Request sampler) in Jmeter.

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Any feedback on this answer ? – UBIK LOAD PACK Jun 13 '13 at 20:12

Check that your regexp extractor really worked using a debug sampler to show extracted value. Check your regexp extractor is scoped correctly.

See this configuration:

A Variable:

enter image description here

Its use with a PUT request:

enter image description here

The sampler result:

enter image description here

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yes..! regexp extractor works fine with debug sampler, it shows extracted value properly. problem is to pass extracted value ${value} in post body in Json format for PUT call – swapnil.s May 30 '13 at 11:50

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