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I have to connect cakephp with mssql server. I have installed mssql in my system. how to specify the connection string?

I tried this:

 public $default = array(
        'datasource' => 'Database/Sqlserver',
        'persistent' => false,
        'host' => 'localhost\SQLEXPRESS',
        'login' => 'username',
        'password' => 'password',
        'database' => 'dbname',
        'prefix' => '',
        //'encoding' => 'utf8',

But getting this error:

SQLSTATE[08001]: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0]SQL Server Network Interfaces: Error Locating Server/Instance Specified [xFFFFFFFF]. 
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You seem to have forgotten to escape the backslash; localhost\\SQLEXPRESS. Otherwise, try to use a 'port' in stead of a named instance: 'localhost,1433' or 'localhost:1433' –  thaJeztah May 27 '13 at 7:20

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You have to install sqlsrv driver on your server.

And here i am giving you very useful steps to connect cakephp with mssql.

Please follow the link

Please let me know if i can help you more.

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