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I want to have a vector list inside a binary tree so that when main asks for a ordered list I can get the binary tree class to use inorder to add each elemType object in the correct order into the orderedList vector. Then this list will be returned or made public and accessed so that I can get the orderedList out of the binary tree.

I can not use cout because the data type is more complex and needs to be fully returned inside the vector.

I made some comments in the code to better illustrate my problem:


// I am using this tree mainly with a data class that holds different data
// types (int, string, ect...)

// This is my node in the binary tree
template <class elemType>
struct nodeType
    elemType info; // create the variable to hold the data
    nodeType<elemType> *lLink;
    nodeType<elemType> *rLink;

template <class elemType>
class BinaryTree

    // I want to use inorder to put a ordered list of the tree contents
    // into the orderedList
    vector<elemType> orderedList;

    void inorder (nodeType<elemType> *p) const;


// definitions:

template <class elemType>
void BinaryTree<elemType>::inorder(nodeType<elemType> *p) const
    // Instead of using cout I want to push_back the elemType object
    // into the orderedList vector (because I want to return the vector
    // to main so I can list the details inside the elemType object
    if (p != NULL)
            // the big issue is right here, how to push_back to the orderedvector
            // and get the elemType inside the node into the vector?
            inorder (p -> lLink);
            cout << p -> info << " ";// I can't use cout!
            inorder (p -> rLink);


I tried using orderedList.push_back(p -> info);

instead of cout and I got this error:

error C2663: 'std::vector<_Ty>::push_back' : 2 overloads have no legal conversion for 'this' pointer

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void inorder (nodeType<elemType> *p) const; is a const member function. You cannot (logical) modify the BinaryTree instance in this function. inorder should just return a vector like this:

template <class elemType>
class BinaryTree
  vector<elemType> inorder (nodeType<elemType> *p) const {
    vector<elemType> v;
    add_inorder(v, p);
    return v;

  void add_inorder(vector<elemType>& v, nodeType<elemType>* p)
    if (p != NULL){
        add_inorder(p -> lLink);
        add_inorder(p -> rLink);
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When I call the inorder function from main I am getting a error that inorder takes more than zero arguments. But I can't add arguments. see: vector<StockData> tmp; tmp = JoesBinaryTree.inorder(); – Joseph May 27 '13 at 10:20
@Joseph You are the author of this function, you should know what to pass or not to pass to the function. The inorder function from your original post took an argumetn of type nodeType<elemType>*. If this pointer should point to an internal node (the first node??) remove the argument and pass in to add_inorder from inorder – hansmaad May 27 '13 at 12:41

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