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I have this configuration: MySQL: 5.1.66-0+squeeze1-log, PHP: 5.3.3-7+squeeze15,

I'm working wtih ipv6 address 2001:35c::/40

While I'm manipulating it on php( inet_pton, inet_ntop) it is good, but after I put it into MySQL database (VARBINARY(16) field, it get messed up (200103000000000000000000000000 instead of 2001035c0000000000000000000000). Where could be the problem?

$addr = '2001:35c::/40';

$addr = explode('/', $addr);
$address = $addr[0];

$address = inet_ntop(inet_pton($address));

$sql = "INSERT INTO IPv6 (IP, Mask, Parent_ID) VALUES ('".inet_pton($address)."', '".$addr[1]."', 0)";
$DB=new Database();

Also i spotted, that where there are 35c parti in address (ipv6) it get messed up after inserting into MySQL

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Are you sure that after this $address = inet_ntop(inet_pton($address)); the $address == '2001:35c::/40'? –  Voitcus May 27 '13 at 7:57
$addr = '2001:35c::/40'; $addr = explode('/', $addr); $addr[0] = inet_ntop(inet_pton($addr[0])); $addr = implode('/', $addr); echo $addr; result: '2001:35c::/40' –  nn4n4s May 27 '13 at 8:07
What I don't get is you're converting it 3 times back and forth o_o ? –  HamZa May 27 '13 at 8:08
Also from the docs "This function converts a human readable IPv4 or IPv6 address (if PHP was built with IPv6 support enabled) into an address family appropriate 32bit or 128bit binary structure." –  HamZa May 27 '13 at 8:17

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Try quoting your data before inserting.





This methods also escape binary data, 0 becomes \0, etc.

@hamza-dzcyberdev I guess the triple converting is to get the shortest IPv6 notation. 0000:0000 could be shortened to ::, 0000: to 0: which in this case doesn't mind, but might in other situations.

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Instead of quoting with ' and mysql_real_escape_string() or quote(), you can also use 0x so that the query looks like

INSERT INTO IPv6 (IP, Mask, Parent_ID) VALUES (0x2001035c0000000000000000000000, 40, 0).

I am not sure, however, how to handle this in PHP. Maybe (but not guaranteed!) this way:

$sql = "INSERT INTO IPv6 (IP, Mask, Parent_ID) VALUES (0x".bin2hex($address).", '".$addr[1]."', 0)";

Depending on where $addr comes from, $addr[1] must be quoted as well.

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