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Hope this is very simple, but I am missing something.

This is my XML :

 <?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8'?><PFA>
       <Person id="11" action="add" date="20-Nov-2012">
             <Roles RoleType="Primary Occupation">
                <OccTitle OccCat="16">Deceased</OccTitle>
             <Roles RoleType="Previous Roles">
                <OccTitle SinceMonth="Nov" SinceYear="2010" ToMonth="Jan" ToYear="2011" OccCat="16">Candidate</OccTitle>
                <OccTitle SinceMonth="Mar" SinceYear="2005" ToYear="2005" OccCat="16">Candidate,23</OccTitle>
                <OccTitle OccCat="16">President</OccTitle>
                <OccTitle SinceDay="22" SinceMonth="Oct" SinceYear="1993" ToDay="15" ToMonth="Mar" ToYear="2003" OccCat="1">President </OccTitle>
                <OccTitle OccCat="7">Supreme Commander</OccTitle>
                <OccTitle SinceDay="08" SinceMonth="Dec" SinceYear="1976" ToDay="14" ToMonth="Jul" ToYear="1978" OccCat="1">Prime Minister </OccTitle>

I am querying this xml to store the values in my table.

My Query -

SELECT t.personid, t.occtitle,r.roleid,t.sinceday,t.sincemonth,t.sinceyear,t.today,t.tomonth,t.toyear,t.occcat
FROM xml_files p,master_roletypelists r,
      'for $i in PFA/Person/RoleDetail/Roles/OccTitle
       return <row>
      PASSING p.filecontent
              personid  number PATH '@id',
              occtitle    VARCHAR2(4000)  PATH '.',
              RoleType    VARCHAR2(2000)  PATH '@RoleType',
              sinceday    VARCHAR2(2000)  PATH '@SinceDay',
              sincemonth    VARCHAR2(2000)  PATH '@SinceMonth',
              sinceyear    VARCHAR2(2000)  PATH '@SinceYear',
              today    VARCHAR2(2000)  PATH '@ToDay',
              tomonth    VARCHAR2(2000)  PATH '@ToMonth',
              toyear    VARCHAR2(2000)  PATH '@ToYear',
              occcat    VARCHAR2(2000)  PATH '@OccCat'

     ) t where t.roletype = r.rolename

But for this I am getting the column 'OCCTITLE' as null.

Please help me to modify my query to get the OccTitle node value as well. For example in OccTitle column in first row I am supposed to get the value "Deceased" instead of null.

If this is not the way to do this please help me to correct it. Any help would be appreciated.

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You never included the <OccTitle/> element. For example, use

for $i in PFA/Person/RoleDetail/Roles/OccTitle
   return <row>
      $i (: was missing :)

This will include the whole element. If you're only interested in the data, replace that line with data($i).

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Thanks a lot for your answer. It worked perfectly for me when I used it as per mentioned. But when I tried using: for $i in PFA/Person/RoleDetail/Roles/OccTitle return <row> { $i/../../../@id,$i(:included), $i/../@RoleType, $i/@SinceDay, $i/@SinceMonth, $i/@SinceYear, $i/@ToDay, $i/@ToMonth, $i/@ToYear, $i/@OccCat } </row>. This give me an error like "Error during parsing the xquery expression". Since I am a novice and not an expert could you please let me know why it happened to throw an error in that case. –  Kiran May 29 '13 at 7:54
When constructing elements with attributes, all attributes have to occur before the first non-attribute content. Move $i to the last position in the sequence (so, immediately before the closing }. In your comment, you're missing the dash when closing it (:)). –  Jens Erat May 29 '13 at 8:06
@Jens..Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation and I really appreciate your help. –  Kiran May 29 '13 at 9:49

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