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I have two http servers (Apache Tomcat [] and Jetty []) behind the router (Linux [], iptables). I also have a public domain:

My question: How to redirect to server1 (

and to server2 (


I tried to redirect using iptables, but it can forward only ip addresses (even I write FQDN it first translate it into IP address and then transfer). I also heard about squid, but maybe I do sth wrong with redirection because squid can redirect request using FQDN but address in browser is changed - I need this address not to be changed.

Any suggestions, examples, tutorials etc will be very helpfull

Regards, Radek

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You could use a single "frontal server" with Apache, which would be proxifying to different servers on your LAN based on the FQDN, but that's just a suggestion :)

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