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I was wondering to how to get file size from Skydrive before dowloading so that app may decide to to download or not according to the file size.


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Depending on the type of implementation you are doing it differs. A good guide on how to access the information of files on SkyDrive you can read the documentation. –  Sander May 27 '13 at 9:45

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Microsoft.Live.DynamicDictionary has everything I wanted. The dictionary has the key for "size".

Here are all 16 keys

  • id
  • from
  • name
  • description
  • parent_id
  • size
  • upload_location
  • comments_count
  • comments_enabled
  • is_embeddable
  • count
  • link
  • type
  • shared_with
  • created_time
  • updated_time
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Like Sander said obtaining the size of the file may differ depending on your type of implementation. For me I use HttpClient requests and responses. Once I get a response from the skydrive I can read the number of bytes within the contents of the file before downloading it and give the file size information to the user before starting the download.

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Thank you both, Andrew and Sander, for replies! –  tao May 28 '13 at 5:41

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