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I am working on windows 7 with visual studio 2010.

I have a cmake building environment that does not work exactly like I would like it to. In particular, it executes a .cmake file at some point that processes all the correct files except one. I would like to run it manually to process the last file, can I ? How ?

(Details: the program I try to compile is opencv, especially the ocl module. The .cmake script I want to execute is cl2cpp.cmake)

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You can run a cmake script with the -P option on the command line, e.g.:

cmake -P cl2cpp.cmake

Of course that scripts needs to be able to work stand-alone.

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Thank you, I know this is somewhere deep down in the documentation, but to be frank I am scared by cmake and I don't dare going there... – Ernest_Galbrun May 30 '13 at 7:37
Simply run cmake --help to list all officially documented Command Line Interface (CLI) argument. -P <file> is documented as "Process script mode.". I've checked this with version 3.1.0 of "CMake". – Florian Wolters Jan 19 '15 at 17:28

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