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Have anyone tried to use Yandex-tank as http load testing tool?

I have a usecase to test a http service with multiple requests containing different path and query params and different http headear.

E.G. First request type - /test/user1?param1=1 [X-Forwarded-For:], second request type - /test/user2?param1=2 [X-Forwarded-For:]

And the problem is how to configure ammo.txt file to have different http headers.

I tried:

# load.conf    
address=myservice.loc #Target's address and port .
rps_schedule=line(1, 50, 1m) ## 1 minute, from 1 to 50 requests per second

# ammo.txt    


Test performs ok but all the requestd have X-Forwarded-For:

I wounder how to configure ammo.txt to fit my usecase (to have different headers)? Also could you please suggest some alternative tool to do this?

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You can not have different headers when using URI format. You should generate ammo in request-style as described here.

Here's an example (you can see different 'Host' headers):

34 good
GET / HTTP/1.0
Host: xxx.tanks1.example.com
User-Agent: xxx (shell 1)

78 bad
GET /abra HTTP/1.0
Host: xxx.tanks2.example.com
User-Agent: xxx (shell 1)

79 unknown
GET /ab/ra HTTP/1.0
Host: xxx.tanks3.example.com
User-Agent: xxx (shell 1)

34 good -- this is the header, the number is the size of the following request in bytes (including line endings). And good is a marker.

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can you put some example here? –  se_pavel Nov 8 '13 at 15:22

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