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I keep getting this error with alot of methods I am trying to use, here are a couple of code examlpes:

$this->verifyTextPresent('Hello world');

//BadMethodCallException: The command 'verifyTextPresent' is not existent or not s upported yet.

$this->assertEquals("197", $this->getText("xpath=(//div[@id='none']/div/table/tbody/tr/td[2]/span)[29]"));

//BadMethodCallException: The command 'getText' is not existent or not supported y et.


////BadMethodCallException: The command 'waitForPageToLoad' is not existent or not s upported yet.

I am getting this error with alot of methods, and as far as i can see there is no problem with the code itself and my php version is up to date so it's nothing like that. anyone know anything about this?

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getting the same problem man ...

I think there is a problem with selenium if you install it using pear. .

I tried re-installing the selenium and offered lord satan 5 pigs and 2 chicken.. still no good
now Im installing selium using composer...
I'll let you know what happen..

Edit*** Turns out using using phpunit.phar is the right answr. So I updated my phpunit . removed pear installed phpunit . then updated my composer.json to install phpunit and selenium .

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